T R A P x  A R T

Digital Print on Foam Board

18 x 24 

These series of prints were for a show hosted by an art collective called Trap x Art. The theme of the show was "Who doesn't like sex?". It was interesting for me to be apart of because the subject is so taboo. But it intrigued me. Introspectively, I was asking myself what it really meant to me. For me at least, fornicating is very intimate, and personal. It's a way of expression deeper than words of affirmation and a way to connect with your partner on another level. My inspiration stemmed from the word 'climax'. The build, the stages, we go through to feel an outer body experience. The feeling of it being spellbound and letting go as living human being.



H O M A G E    T O   N A P S T E R


My inspiration came from childhood memories burning mix's from illegally downloaded music for my friends. Music to me, acts like a time-capsule that brings me back to those emotions and feelings. Since we live in a 'streaming' era, I decided to used soundcloud as my platform for this project. I curated a series of playlists along with album covers to pay homage to a time that are missed, but never forgotten.

Listen Here: www.soundcloud.com/yoo-don